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Take the next step in Algebra! Here we'll introduce the most common functions you're likely to see, and different ways to describe functions.

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1. Real numbers
Whole numbers, positives, and negatives
Numbers that are quotients of integers
Numbers that are NOT quotients of integers
All the rationals and the irrationals
2. Imaginary and complex numbers
Their squares are negative!
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide imaginary numbers
Combining the real and the imaginary
A way to graph complex numbers
Raising i to positive and negative integer powers
3. Functions
Sets of (x,y) coordinates
Relations where each input gives exactly one output
Explore what f(x) means, and evaluate functions
Some functions end and others keep going
Make your own functions, and live to tell the tale
Math-talk for "curvy"
Turns out functions can be "odd" and "even" too
4. Exponents
5. Logarithms
6. Playing with functions
Franken-functions. They're alive!
Functions of functions
7. Conic sections
8. Rational functions
9. Polar functions